Where do good ideas come from?

Mine always come from stopping and taking a break. Have you noticed when you stop trying to remember something you have forgotten, it comes back to you. Well ideas are like that for me. That break might be a few minutes to put the kettle on, a walk round the block or it could be a holiday.

Some of my best ideas have come from those quiet moments on holiday where I have been reading something completely different and suddenly everything becomes clear. I permanently live with a pen and paper to hand so that I can grab those thoughts and ideas.

I am currently reading Nigel Botterills book “Botty rules” he said that he agrees with his wife that he find 90 minutes every day for personal development CD’s while on family holidays, he also tells his team to leave him alone for 90 minutes per day to plan and think about marketing.

This man is highly successful so I think it is right to assume that this approach works. The challenge is making the decision in the first place and how do you communicate this effectively to your family and team.


  • What kind of holiday is that for your family if you are working like that?
  • What kind of holiday is that for you?


I know for me personally I have battled with this one for years, I have learned over time to explain more clearly to my family what I would like to have happen and, equally importantly and often overlooked, what would they would like to have happen.

I have found when I have to make a decision that impacts others, it’s all about how I set it up and how I communicate that decision, that has the biggest impact on my success rate.


  • What is working for you?
  • Where do your good ideas come from?
  • What happens just before good idea?
  • Curious?


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We’ll even have two in Denver with our Colorado trip this month. Please let’s connect and share ideas on what works for good decision making to happen.

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