Who Decides if a Decision is Win-Win in Your Business?

I guess we have all been told or read that an ideal decision should result in a win-win outcome.  My interpretation of this is that all parties involved gain an equal amount of benefit from the outcome of the decision. The challenge is that each of us have a different interpretation of  what “equal” looks like and likewise “benefit”. Our own measure of each of these words will be very unique.

An important realisation around the win-win outcome for me is that there are three other implied possibilities that could occur from the decision outcome.  The first and I would say most obvious of these is the opposite to win-win i.e.  lose-lose.

The other two possibilities I see are perhaps not so obvious but can result in great dissatisfaction with the decision outcome.  The first of these is I lose, you win.  This potentially makes me unhappy and quite possibly resentful of your win and is a destructive situation for me and quite possibly a puzzling emotional reaction for you to deal with from me.

The fourth possibility is I win and you lose.  This again has destructive possibilities with me being happy and not understanding that you are dissatisfied and resentful of my beneficial outcome compared to you.

How do you know which combination you have?

I have seen people assume that the other person is not happy because they pulled a face when in fact the face pulling was not related to the latest decision.

Another assumption made is that silence means they are happy.

How often do you speak up when you are not happy?

If you are the kind of person who always speaks up then how aware are you that others might not have those skills to do so?

Assumptions about what other people think without questions and clarity can cost your business valuable resources, time and business.

Taking a look at your decision making processes and models with these four potential outcomes in mind can help you assess possible emotional outcomes of any decision you are about to make that can affect others.

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How to make good decisions
Sheryl Andrews Founder and Power Group Facilitator


How to make a good decision
Shaun Webb Business Development Manager





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