Why I love BNI Now?

How to solve problems in business

For those of you that know, Ros and I fly to Colorado in April to launch Power Group Plus. I am always blown away by the support and encouragement of the many networking groups we have attended over the years. However in the short time I have been with BNI they have provided a dependable attitude of givers gain.



Like all groups some people get the principles and some don’t but when you meet someone who is in BNI and they truly understand the concept if I help you then I will gain too, they are always so helpful. 

Ros contacted the Denver BNI website and look at the response:

How wonderful you will be visiting Colorful Colorado.

Are you looking to visit some chapters while you are in Denver?
Let’s be sure to connect either way for tea or lunch.
Looking forward to meeting you and showing you around.

Are you coming to Denver for business or fun?

Until we connect again, have a great day.

BNI Colorado

One day on facebook I put that I was going to BNI and James Stephens a fellow BNI member and Business Coach in Indiana USA, asked me what would my 60 seconds be about today.

From there we have become great friends and he has been a great source of support, proofing reading my copy to make sure it suits both cultures, checking my videos, he even introduced me to the president of Professional Business Coaching Association. If you are in the Indiana area I highly recommend James Stephens for business coaching his advice has really made a huge difference to my business already. All in the name of getting to know who each other work so we can refer and recommend each other. Love it!!

My own group Uplands BNI have given me honest and open feedback that still, they don’t get what I do, and asked to meet for coffee so they can understand and refer business my way.

Do you have the right kind of support to ensure others can refer business your way with confidence?

I would have never, made it to BNI if it had not been for the clean language questions that helped me recognise:

1. I needed a more effective referral system

2. I did not want to reinvent the wheel, I just wanted to learn how to use one that someone else had designed.

Ironically I had not even realised that they could be of so much help taking the programme to the states.

If you are also stuck and want to take your business to the next level you can do 1 of two  or both:

1. Visit your local BNI or come as my guest to Uplands

2. Book onto our next introductory session where we will share the questions that will help you work out what needs to happen for success without stress.

For some the answer is BNI.

For others it is not.

For some BNI solves the referral problem but there are still other challenges that need resolving.

Take your thinking to the next level in 8 simple steps and plan your next best step with confidence.

Thanks for listening

how to solve problems in business






Sheryl Andrews

Founder & Power Group Facilitator

3 thoughts on “Why I love BNI Now?

  1. Delighted BNI is working for you so well Sheryl. It has a mixed reputation. However, as your own experience has shown, it all comes down to the individuals and their desire to help fellow members.

    1. Hi Susannah, yes on this occassion it is working for me, but like all decisions in business if you understand what you want to get out of and can understand ‘why’ it doesn’t work when it isn’t you do have choice. I am sure for many it is no the right kind of business or not the right time, but it certainly is the place to be if you want to learn how to deliver a clear message about your business that makes it easy for people to refer business to you. Are you a BNI member?

  2. Thank you Sheryl. Yes, our friendship began with BNI and I am so thankful it did. It’s been wonderful to learn new insights about developing relationships through Step By Step Listening and Clean Language. You, Ros and your team are having a huge impact on families and businesses in the UK and now in the USA. Best wishes to you as you take your powerful programme to Denver. It’s been a privilege getting to know you and I am looking forward to working together more in the future.
    Best wishes.
    James Stephens
    Princeton, Indiana USA

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