3 Steps to Great Leadership

There are 3 simple steps to be a great leader, and the words we use do matter. The truth is, most of the time we are speaking a completely different language to each other. The meaning of a word can differ greatly from one person to another. Here is a great example of why as a leader it is important for me to know what I require to work, learn and live at my best if I want my team to follow. 

At our latest team meeting we were exploring social media, what worked and what didn’t work for us as individuals and as a company. I was reminded why I should remember what works for me as a leader first and foremost.

When I am learning at my best my metaphor is it is like building a jigsaw but I have to have the lid.

Working at my best is like a train on a track, I have a track and I know the stations ahead and the final destination, the stops and speed can vary but I always need to know the final destination e.g. the purpose behind what I am doing.

 When I am living at my best I have things in my diary to look forward to, something with friends and something with family and something just for me.

From this I was able to determine the relationship between all the 3 metaphors and I always need a framework or structure or plan. I work better with the end in mind and a framework that I can stand back from. I don’t need all the detail but I do require the big picture.

At our latest team meeting we discovered that I was really meandering through blog post writing with no structure and the team were finding it hard to support me. The truth be known I was also moaning to myself that the team were not supporting me enough. I wanted help and just could not seem to get it.

When we explored all of the social media side of sharing our knowledge they said in order to follow they required a plan and a structure to follow. Great because I need a structure and plan to lead at my best. This realisation has quite literally taken the pressure of me, given the team a plan they can support and has meant we have now taken our next step with social media with confidence.

The plan has improved my focus and productivity when writing and the team are now more able to support. We do need to do some more work on the detail to help them support even more but instantly I feel supported like we are on the right track

No surprise there for me because I have applied what works to yet another area of my work life, what is a surprise is that I have known about my 3 metaphors for sometime and yet had forgotten to apply it to this area of work.

To be a great leader there are 3 easy steps:

Step one: Be crystal clear what you would like to have happen and what kind of resources or support you require to make it happen? Understanding how to manage yourself and what you require to work, learn and live at your best is vital

Step two: Be clear what your team members want and what kind of resource and support they need to make it happen. Taking the time to listen to them and fully understand their own outcomes even if at times it does not seem in line with yours is vital if you want to achieve the complete buy in of the team.

Step three: Fully understand and develop the relationship between what you want and what they want in order for you all to be singing from the same hymn sheet. This takes time but it is time well invested.

We run Power Group Days for leaders to develop the resources to work, learn and live their best and we run Power Group Plus for leaders who want to be able to ask their team the questions to understand fully what their team require to work, learn and live at their best.

These events will ensure you:

  • Take your next best step with confidence
  • Invite others to provide you with the resources and support you need
  • Work, Learn and live at your best
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